Shh… It’s Christmas

It’s that time of the year again“… how many times have you heard that blardy cliche?

Well, it is indeed, that time of the year again, whether you like it or not. If you’re with a loved one, it’s fine and dandy, but if you’re not, then the loneliness seems to get amplified a thousand times. I remember hearing this thing about more people dying around Christmas time. Suicide or not, I can’t remember, but they probably die from the cold. Not necessarily from freezing temperatures, but from the lonely cold, deep inside.

It’s been a couple of lonely Christmas-es (not sure what the spelling is, and neither does this guy), and I don’t think this year’s will be any different. 1 hour and 50 minutes to go… Ah, don’t forget the New Year’s just around the corner too. Another bullcrap day to get pissed-drunk on.

Anyway, got this shiny package in the mail…

Turns out it’s from the filthy rich people at TCC who send the coolest Christmas cards each year. Silly me forgot to take pictures of the cards inside. But trust me, they look “not cheap”.

And when no one gets you gifts for Christmas (those silly things you get at office gift exchanges don’t count), you should go out and get something you think you deserve. Here’s what I got:

Not the cat la. It’s the “dry cabinet”, to keep out moisture and fungus from my new D40 DSLR. For the non-camera people, it’s just a fancy camera that allows you to switch lenses. Entry level stuff, but still weighed in at just over $1k. ouch. Camera’s already seen action in Bintan, Zouk Out, and a funeral, so I thought it better get a decent box to sleep in at night before mushrooms start growing on it. The dry cabinet was a relatively smaller investment at $99, and comes with a digital meter that displays the relative humidity & temperature in there. Cameras are supposed to be kept at 45 – 55% humidity, so mojave desert dryness might be overkill. Miss Kaypoh is checking out my latest purchase as usual.

Anyway, from the cat and me:

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