Christmas @ Li Hwan Place

Peter Jayan, my understudy (the poor guy that took over the crap I was handling) during NS was back in town, after moving to Perth with his wife. It’s become more or less a tradition that me and Nazif (another guy from the good ol’ NS times & coincidentally Peter’s cousin) visit Li Hwan place for Christmas makan.

The gorgeous Peter Jayan

It’s an interesting tale how Peter and Nazif found out they were cousins. 100 to 1 you wouldn’t have been able to guess either, simply because Peter’s indian, and Nazif’s malay. Legend has it that during some random Hari Raya visit years ago, Nazif mentioned he was in 1 SAF TPT BN, and an uncle who was present mentioned the existence of this nephew “Jayan” who was in the same camp. Nazif confronted Peter when he returned to camp, and thus the cousins realised they were cousins. :p

Back to present day: But before I went over to Peter’s I thought I’d drop by Holy Family Church to visit Grandma.

While walking over from Parkway Parade, the scenery along Sea Avenue kinda struck me.

I used to enjoy taking the Sea Avenue route instead of Chapel Close to get to Parkway Parade from Katong. Maybe it’s the name, maybe it’s the laid back feel of the buildings, it just feels different from the rather narrow, claustrophobic feel of Chapel Close.

To my slight dismay, here are some of the new additions to Sea Avenue:


Modern, yes. But doesn’t feel quite like this classic:

Are all the old buildings going to be eaten up by en-bloc sales, glass, aluminium and concrete? Then I spotted this:

Right smack in between two large, new residential projects. Talk about character!

So I keep walking, and finally reach Holy Fam.

Another very modern-looking (read: cold) exterior… and some ‘interesting’ Nativity scenes.

click for bigger pic

The 3 kings look kinda unkempt and scruffy, almost thug-like. Joseph and Mary on the other hand, are immaculate. Then there was this other character:

click for bigger pic

Quite scary-looking leh! Looks as if he/she’s about to grab baby Jesus!

When I finally got to the columbarium (where they keep the ashes of the deceased), turns out Christmas is a public holiday, and hence, it’s CLOSED. urrgghhh!!

Holy Family Columbarium
Visiting Hours:
Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays & Sundays
9.30am to 6.00pm
CLOSED on Public Holidays

I don’t understand why opening up the columbarium is such a big deal. Holy Trinity’s columbarium is open every day. It’s been ages since I visited Mama. 😦

Wasted trip. Time to head off to Li Hwan Place. First two cabbies had no idea where Li Hwan place was. Cab no. 3 had some inkling, so off I went.

So impressed how they keep putting up the Christmas tree year after year. My family’s given up for some time now. :p

More Jayan pride:

Peter with his Nissan Skyline, which only cost $15k!!

Had a good time catching up with Peter, finding out the pros and cons of moving down under, and bitching about people we detested during NS. Nazif was fashionably late, by at least 1 hour, no less! Brought along his cute wife, and cuter baby girl!

Nazif’s actually slightly older than me, and so is Peter. Seeing him as a family man is real nice, but ever-so-slightly disturbing for me. No prizes for guessing why.


We left as the sky threatened to start pouring again. Naz, Peter, & Peter’s friend had a final fag session at the bus stop, and I managed to snap this one.

So sweet right?

Take care guys! See ya next year!

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