Pre-Christmas at the SPCA

We had a Christmas charity “auction” in the office a week before Christmas proper, just after everyone pigged out on the pretty impressive spread. All proceeds from the bids would go to charity, so everyone was “encouraged” to be generous with their bids.

The action was slow at the start, and it took awhile before the items got interesting and everyone opened up to the idea of bidding. I managed to get this pet food package consisting of a large packet of Whiskas dry food (for cats) and 2 packs of Caesars dog food (can’t remember the brand, but quite attas one), and a bonus:

furry stuffed doggy silhouette

All for $10! (The auctioneer automatically doubles your bid if she thinks you’re under-paying, so my original bid was $5. :p)

Anyway, I decided against feeding the Whiskas cat food to my cat, cos she’s already on Science Diet (which is supposed to be healthy). Coupled with the fact that dog food’s totally useless to me, I decided to make a trip down to the SPCA to give them a little help.

It’s been years since I last visited, I think, and it’s a little brighter (with the painted murals) and larger (more “rooms” for potential adoptees). It still smells like “wet sweaty dogs” though. yucky.

Visited the adult cats who have this enclosure of their own, which you can walk in and enjoy. Turns out they really love my laptop bag. Maybe they know there’s a mouse in there. nyuk nyuk nyuk.

Nosey as a customs officer

Curious cats

Twice, this big cat pushed the bag off the seat. Bugger even left souvenir teethmarks on the bag.

sticky chewy bagstrap

Was lucky enough to see one of the residents being brought home. And boy, was he/she happy!

The entire kennel erupted in raucous barking as the dog was led out of the cage. I don’t speak dog, but I would like to think they’re all really happy and wishing their lucky friend well.

Time to slip in a public service announcement: Don’t buy. ADOPT!

There are sooo many pets that end up abandoned. The lucky ones get to the SPCA. The luckier ones don’t get put to sleep and are put up for adoption. The luckiest ones get a new home and a second chance at life.

So many of these animals are real gems that deserve a great home. Instead of paying all that good money for a “new” pet, save one of these darlings.




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