Should auld acquaintance be forgot

2006 is on its last legs, and we’re rumbling into 2007. Is it time to reflect?

It’s been a mixed bag for me. I’ve gotten gainful employment (compared with my previous dead-end job). New friends, new colleagues. 🙂

But I’ve lost my dear grandmother and an uncle, and all my mp3s + stuff on my old pc. And my love life is shite. 😦

Then there are people like this who make it a brighter day.

angkookueh, marcel desailly, and jazzy jaz

Ben (after xando-sponsorship) and Roy (big man at HOME)

The jap school girls.

Georgina with that nasty 65-85% proof absin

Rob (in the cap) and the HOME hotties

So, was 2006 good for you?

I’m working tomorrow, first day of ’07, so may there be peace on earth so I can have a quiet day!

Update: Bangkok bombings and sinking ferries aren’t the best way to start a new year, but my thanks go to these folks who sent New Year greetings, but to whom I was too lazy to reply to: Alvin, Azhar, Eileen, Euan, Jeff, Marcel, Veron, Wilma, & Yenny. Have a good one!

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