NY @ HOME(club)

If you’ve seen the footage of the chaos along Orchard Road on New Year’s Eve, don’t you think those damn spray cans should be banned?? Especially the ones that dispense the soapy faux snow…!! It’s offensive, disgusting, can be and has been used as a tool to commit crime i.e. molest. If they sold pepper spray here, I’d like to spray some right into the eyes of anyone that tries to pull that shite on me.

So what did you do on New Year’s Eve? Joined the jam for MoS?

HOME was kinda quiet when we got there after dinner, so Arthas dragged us all to Dungeon, a cheena karaoke joint with a pool table. woohoo. Angkookueh got hold of the table and never let go.

Arthas tries to get angkookueh off the table

We left after the noisy countdown for HOME, after all, I’d already promised the guys there that’d we’d be back. Music and crowd was a complete change from Dungeon, and it felt more like a celebration, without having to endure the god-awful bad singing. Company was great too. 🙂

Gang’s reunited at HOME

Georgina & Ben

Jaz & his woman



Monkeyboy gets a flea bath

And what kind of celebration is complete without the booze?

chug… chug… chug…

Which reminds me, we still have 1/2 a bottle left at HOME!! Who’s on?

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