Self-doubt will kill you

Dogged determination is way under-rated in my book.

Too often we look at folks who keep on goin’ on, despite having doors slammed in their faces, people telling them to “give up lar“, and we wonder why they even bother. They keep toiling away, running themselves against whatever brick wall they decide to bulldoze with their pummeled, bloody shoulders.

Isn’t it easier to just drop it, and say, “Hey, i tried, but xxxxx is just not going to happen?”, then move on to something else less immovable?

I think most of us are a lot more thin-skinned than we like to think. How many pf us can truly claim to have tried, and tried again, … and again, and again and again (ad nauseum)?

Once bitten, twice shy.

Ever wondered why the good ol’ adage stops there?

If you fail, try, and try again.

Even that one stops at attempt no. 3.

When will you give up? After one try? two tries? the 3,426,801st try? Just how thick-skinned are you?

So, just what the hell am I getting at?

Imagine this: You have a name, you’ve even got an address, but for some god-forsaken reason, try as you will, the blasted door won’t budge no matter how you throw yourself at it. Heck, I’ve even tried knocking.

But then again, maybe the door says “PULL”.

People should just come with instructions, but I suppose that would take the fun out of things.

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