Long time no see, Grandma

After numerous attempts to visit Grandma at the Holy Family Church columbarium, I finally got to see her on Sunday after mass. Unlike the columbarium at Holy Trinity Church, this one is a lot quieter.

And after bitching about how Grandma’s niche is located right at the bottom, it now seems like a small plus, given how there’s a little elevated step next to her, that I can rest my butt on during my time there. It’s like I’m sitting next to her.

It’s oh so quiet, and if I keep really, really still, it’s almost as if I can still hear her voice. Always asking about whether we’d eaten, whether we had enough money; She always put everyone else first.

After my time with Grandma, I dropped by Lorong Stangee, to see Ah Soh. She’s the wife of my Grandma’s brother’s son, also known as Uncle Fatty, who recently passed away.

Once upon a time, my family used to live there, before moving to Bedok South. I was way too young to remember any of it, but it’s the first house I ever lived in.

And even before Lorong Stangee, there was this house along East Coast Road.

It’s the one in the centre. Sandwiched between Peranakan antiques and kaya toast, this humble home used to house a good-sized army. Grandma, dad, and uncle used to be part of the mob that lived here.

And in more current news, I collected my FREE webcam today courtesy of QMax. Signed up for the Wireless@SG thing with them and they offered this as an incentive. Like the rest of Singapore, yours truly is a sucker for freebies.

Wooohooo! MSN me to see my live feed! If you’re nice, I might even do a little dance.

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