icm – the reunion

It’s been almost 4 years since I graduated. *shudder* It’s been THAT long?!

The people I graduated with were are great, but the timing of my graduation was terrible. 2003 was the worst year in recent times to be a fresh grad hunting for a decent job. And to think I was reluctant to leave NUS in 2002 with a basic degree, thinking things could might get better in 2003 and that I might as well add an (Hons) tag to my degree.

Oh well.

Don’t get me wrong though; Honours year itself was pretty good overall.

The Good:
+ Opportunities to get to know your course-mates & lecturers, most of whom were fleeting acquaintances during the 3-year-blur that’s the Arts experience, unless you’re pal-ly enough to sign up for the same modules and tutorials with your compadres.

+ One more year to SERIOUSLY think about what you want to do in life… whether you act on it is another matter.

The Not-so-good:
– The feeling of complete uncertainty mid-thesis where you wonder what the hell you were thinking when you decided on your thesis topic.

Losing a year in terms of working experience. Contrary to what anyone tells you, “Honours” is worth jack-squat unless you intend to A) further your studies, B) work for the gahmen (and it has to be “2nd upper” or better)

– Made a mess of my personal life, but at least that’s a closed chapter now.

Every once in awhile, I get to meet up with these folks who were an integral part of my 2002/2003, usually during “homecoming” @ NUS.

But due to the ulu-ness of NUS though or other reasons, it seems like the group is shrinking in terms of the number who turn up each time.

So this time round, May-Ann was wunderful enough to put together a “reunion dinner” of sorts in a less rural area a.k.a. Bali Thai @ Velocity. Here’s the “attendance” pic:

Absent: Bertram, Dominic, Hock Chye, Jillian (who’s apparently MARRIED?!),  Lee Wei, Maybelline, … did I miss anyone?

nur-shoulder vic-louisa nur-may-mil reddys-jl 

jul-louisa yen-vic-mayq yen-mayq ade-vic  

Kudos to everyone who seem to be doing ever so well in their respective fields. Bitch as we might about our current situations, I don’t think anyone’s actually “suffering”.

So, what have I achieved since torrid 2003? Not as much as I would have liked… But I enjoy what I do, so hopefully it keeps me pushing in the right direction.


Till next time!

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