Baby, you can drive my car

It’s been just over what… 2 weeks since the last entry, and life is whizzing by.

Pressure of the job is starting to get to me, but thank God for an understanding boss. Can’t say there’s ever a dull moment, but I do wish there was more time, or at least more hands to cope. Let’s see…

– Have done my first voice-over that’s on some audiotext service (NO. not for those 1900-SEXMEUP chatlines, ok.), second one got rejected though. :p
– Got my ugly mug onto the homepage of where I work (and possibly branded a sexist pig in the process).
– Checked out the photo shoot for a local car mag and shot an alternate cover.

Best caption wins a cup of premium coffee from yours truly
(FYI, that’s the lighting assistant)

Just tied myself to a major financial obligation, but also freed myself from the more-often-than-not insane public transport system. In a shade of “sirius-blue”, no less. Still, due to silly administrative constraints on the part of my employer, I’ll still be giving our dear Singaporean cabbies decent business.

And if all goes well, I should be off to some smog-filled city in about 12+ hours, and back again in our clean & green city by Sunday night. Pray for my safe return!

In the meantime, here’s an appropriate song from Jamiroquai. Check out his too-cool site and the “making of the runaway video” video if you can.


Can you dig it
Something in the air tonight
Got a one way ticket
Baby, don’t you wanna ride
Got to make it
Make it to the other side
I’ve got demons
Snapping at my heels tonight

I just want to runaway
Turn me loose
Got people around running me down I cant stay
I just want to get away, I just want to get away now.
Get them off my back today

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6 thoughts on “Baby, you can drive my car”

  1. read it again. it’s the opposite! anyway, am writing from there/here now. blardy hot business centre with no (functioning) a/c. should be back in sunny sg in less than 24 hrs. whoopeeeeee!

    answer to your question? just click on the link lor.

  2. oh oops, yeah…i guess smog filled and smoke free are not quite the same.
    how about some pictures of YOUR car? Unless you bought that yellow thing.

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