200+ photos later…

If anybody’s missed me, sorry for the extended absence. Have been spending quite a bit of time cleaning up and sorting out images from that whirlwind trip to india and a friend’s wedding. That’s a total 200+ pics in fairly good resolution, which is well worth the US$24.95 I paid for a pro flickr account. And I intend to use the “unlimited upload capacity” to its fullest. mwahahahaha…

Some random choice pics I thought I’d share…

Religious construct A woman's best friend is... Calm like a Hindu cow Fruit punch
36 We are family Sunset from Mahabalipuram 23
Cow vs Water Buffalo Breakfast @ the Taj Crop circles? 53

See the full flickr set (155 images)

Hope everyone had a good Chinese New Year? Had the quietest one ever, with Grandma gone. No unending queue of visitors, just eerie silence. Still, was a good break to catch up with sleep, and stuff my face. Thank goodness for the office gym though, went back for a Monday afternoon workout. It’s amazing how much you can eat when you have nothing else to do.

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