Blogging in bed

One of the benefits of having a notebook (pc, not the paper kind) and wireless access at home is blogging in bed. Not that I have anything quite worthy to blog about right now… but still! Most of the colleagues seem to want to stick to their desktops, not that I don’t understand where they’re coming from. More stable configurations, larger monitors, proper-sized keyboards, no need to worry about shitty battery life, what’s not to love?

But filing stories remotely, doing what you feel like doing where you feel like doing it… this damn chunk of plastic does seem like it’s worth lugging around.

Unfortunately, I do more work in bed than blog, so that’s why this place is so neglected.

On another down sad note, I reported for the first time as a reservist to SCDF’s HQ at Ubi, in the pouring rain, no less. Turns out they want me for a 3-week medic course at Jalan-frikkin-Bahar. Thank goodness the car should will be in by then. Better yet, I might not even have to go, if my blardy medical docket turns up and says what it’s supposed to say!

It’s late, and time to sleep, but here’s a preview of my next post:

Why is my dear friend Ted trying to breastfeed this baby? And is the baby HIS??

Stay tuned…

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