Calm before the …

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m actually mildly petrified that my email account is experiencing a very unusual lull in activity. Just discovered that the boss is on course, and that accounts for much of this eerie calm, which is good since I’m still trying to recover from the exuberant weekend which included Zouk, Oosh, New Asia Bar, Jerry’s (Jln Kayu) and diarrhoea. (in that order :p)

Here’s a small sample of Saturday @ NewAsiaBar
The occasion: Wilma’s 27th

Can’t turn the birthday girl down right?

wilma Carol & Wilma Wilma, Carol, Jag how many lawyers does it take to...

what the... 11 feelin' hot hot hot? Autofocus mabuk

See the full set (32 images)

With lots of alcohol flowing, and loud music, Wilma used the excuse to claim me as her “china-man” / he-slut for the evening. The things I do for my friends… *sigh* Hmm… and I think someone I met there owes me an email too. Wonder if that one will come through. 😉

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4 thoughts on “Calm before the …”

  1. I send you spam in your email okay? SPAM SPAM SPAM before the anti-spam law comes into effect… not like it’ll be any use.

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