byte-sized birthday boombox

If all goes well, the new set of wheels should be arriving in T-minus 12 days; just in time for by birthday! Wheee….

And my first addition my jolly jalopy shall be a well-endowed MP3 player, possibly with video.

Right now it’s a 2-horse race between the Zen Vision:M (60GB)

and the iPod (30GB)


I’m leaning towards the former, but let’s see what the upcoming IT show has in store. Anyone else have a playa to recommend?

On a more sobre note, this story says that more than a thousand journalists have been killed on the job over the past 10 years.

Nearly half were shot and thevast majority — at least 657 people — were murdered covering news during peacetime in their own country.

Wonder how many were motoring journos. And apparently shooting journos is like hunting deer; it’s fair game.  And no licence required!

“The figures show that killing a journalist is virtually risk free,” said Richard Sambrook, global news director at the British Broadcasting Corporation, who led the inquiry.

Snipe a politician with a comment, and get sniped with a 7.62mm round in return. Ouch.


** Would you like to par-tay with me? ** Last birthday before I hit the big THREE-ZERO. This is an Open invitation to XXXXXX (venue to be confirmed) on the 31st of March, at XX:XXhrs (time to be confirmed). Watch this space for upcoming details. Venue suggestions are also welcome!

RSVPs are always great, if not, turning up at the last minute works too.

Stand if you want to
Stare if you want to
But i got to party
I need me to party
I came here to get ya
But i can’t wait
To grab me a partner
And cut a rug up tonight
Boogie 2nite, by Bootie Luv

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