Dream me a nightmare

Got the Zen Vision:M as predicted.

Screen looks fab, and turns out one of my ex-JC classmates is working in the Creative Marketing team, not that it did me any favours. Still had to queue and pay full price, mind you. :p

Problems with installing it on the d@mn office laptop got me riled up. (Those who saw my MSN nick yesterday will know just how riled up.) Was up till 5am on Monday morning trying to troubleshoot. Turns out to be some crummy administrator rights I don’t have. Let’s see if I can swing the IT folks to do the installation so i can transcribe my interviews, demmit!

Installing on the home pc was a breeze in contrast. Pop the CD in, and just keep hitting “next”. Creative’s got to hire some user-interface experts/ though. The instructions weren’t exactly crystal clear,

e.g. “You need to restart your PC” > “OK” > “Insert device to complete installation”

So do I insert the device, then restart? Or restart then insert device?

Also, the Creative MediaSource 5 Organizer which you use to transfer/sync files has great functionality, but it’s just a mess to try to navigate. Gonna have to take awhile to get used to it, I suppose.

Next headache, which case do I get to protect my pristine player?

And for those who have indicated your interest in attending the par-tay on the 31st, I’m still sorting out “logistical” & finance issues, so I’ll be confirming time and place at a later date. Hope this one turns out to be less of a headache than I fear it might be.

Very appropriate word of the day:

– Fear of the number 13.

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