Hondabishi Jolt

For those who’ve been asking, YES. It’s arrived.

15th March 2007

Kah Motors sales sgent, Jeremy, decided to give me and my dad a surprise when he told us on the 14th that we could come down to collect the car the very next day. Which is good news, of course, since he conservatively estimated that it would be ready on the 20th.Decided to pick it up at lunch time, and I had B & K from the office in tow, to kaypoh and photograph the pick-up.

K, looking like some rich jap dude

Quite interesting how the key came with a blue plastic tag with “Mitsubishi” written on it. Could I be inheriting the lovechild of a Colt & a Jazz??

No, I did not get a Colt!

Looks like a Jazz, smells like a Jazz, drives like a Civic Jazz. 🙂

engine pickup1 inspection shinynewcars

Anyway, Rachael Yamagata starts in about an hour, and I need to hustle to get parking. Updates later!

Mosaic update: Rachael was suffering from a bad throat (like me) and her vocals kept giving way each time she had to access the higher register. Quite sad when you massacre the songs you’ve made so popular. Case in point: “Worn Me Down

Here’s the ride that got me to Rachael’s Mosaic gig, and many other destinations to come!


All 16 pics of the new arrival (so far!)

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