Hitchoo!! … I’ve been theory-ed!

Recently met up with Ivan the Barbarian Librarian for dinner, since I felt bad about pulling him into the whole mess of going with Creative over an iPod, and got the chance to meet Kevin from theory.isthereason too.

After some intriguing dinner conversation over the potential of Hitchoo, Kevin invited me for a chat with Yinghan, founder of the site the very next day. We had a good exchange about how the cards could be used, and the discussion spilled over to lunch, and somehow I got yanked into one of Kevin’s little videos as well to talk about Forza2, which is emblazoned all over my lil’ motormobile.

Thanks Kev!

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3 thoughts on “Hitchoo!! … I’ve been theory-ed!”

  1. Hey Julian, glad to have stumbled upon your blog through Kevin’s links. Good to know that things are going swimmingly for you! Do keep in touch and let me know if you are keen to do anything with yesterday.sg, NHB or just plain ole Cool Insider. Ciao!

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