If you don’t know me by now

Yes, and that’s a great Hall & Oates Simply Red song, if you’re old enough to remember.

Wilma, being the astute lawyer and all, made me sit up in my chair as we were IM-ing a couple of days back. Wanted to make sure I blog about this before it slips down the slippery drainpipe at the back of my head.

She actually profiled ‘my type’. It’s pretty interesting, given how I’ve got my own ideas about what ‘my type’ is.

Here’s the log of our conversation (appropriately censored edited):

MotorMan says (11:51 AM):
and what is MY TYPE?

Goddess says (11:52 AM):
your type is the tall chinese girl with malay ass

Goddess says (11:52 AM):
long hair and slightly sharper features than most other chinese girls

Goddess says (11:52 AM):

MotorMan says (11:53 AM):
fwah say…

MotorMan says (11:53 AM):
and how did you come to this conclusion?

MotorMan says (11:53 AM):

Goddess says (11:53 AM):
see the girls u date la… and the types u look at when we go out

Hmm… Not bad Wilma, … not bad at all.

FYI: Wilma is not chinese, and doesn’t have slightly sharper features than most other chinese girls, so stop thinking what you might be thinking. :p

In other news, RIP my dear ‘upper right cuspid’. Dr Tony Wong officially killed it via root canal last Thursday. *sob*

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