What the @!$# do you want?

Maybe I don’t. And that’s why it’s been failure after failure.

* Know thy self, before you can make someone else (and you) happy.
(adapted from Ben & Shing, 2007)

That message works for you too, and everyone out there too.

So, what do I think I want? … If only I’d tell me.

Other random thoughts from the past day:

* Ever met someone who wouldn’t hurt a fly? – I have.

But if that same person can rescue a fly from drowning in a vat of ice cream, but leaves you to drown in your own well of sorrow and pity… looks like i’m quite far down the foodchain, aren’t i?

* Cheesy as Mr Keating is, he does make sense, if not in a different context.
“You say the most, when you say nothing at all.”

* Better yesterday, than today. Better yesterday, than next week. Better yesterday, than next month. Better yesterday, than …

* It’s only good if it hurts. (But if it only hurts, and keeps on hurting… maybe it’s not good after all.)

* Someone told me you’re filled with sadness, and fickle-ness. Well looks like i didn’t bring you enough joy after all. And for that, i don’t deserve what i was hoping for.

You deserve better.

* … And in other news, it’s been said that meat is far too good to give up. 😉


One thought on “What the @!$# do you want?”

  1. The astute lawyer thinks that maybe you should not expect anything and lay all your cards out on the table.
    Although lawyers normally enter negotiations expecting the stars and the moon and lay nothing out in the open. But sad to say, my chinese man, you aren’t one of us 15 hr a day worked to the bone lawyer.. so it might be better to just lay it all out. You may not know what you want, but surely, you know what you do not want. and that’s a start. 🙂

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