Thanks, Mr D!

Woke up at 8.33am at B’s new loft, and realised I was due back in the braddell backwater for a one-day course. Thought like my previous one-month ‘sabbatical’, classes would start at 10am. WRONG. Strolled in at 10.10am, and I was more than an hour late. Thank goodness the trainer was the uber-nice Mr D who took me through speed reading.

And now, I’ve got a mega mammary memory! Ask me how, and I’ll gladly share the technique.

Too beat to type it all out, but the concept behind it is that your left brain controls short-term memory (like RAM in a PC), and right brain controls long-term memory (like a hard disk). Short term memory can only absorb about 7 items (digits, objects, whatever) at max before things get messy, so the aim is to commit stuff to the right-brain, which unfortunately does not deal well with numbers. How leh?

Check out the last few articles on Mr D’s site, and you find the secret. Give me 20 items and about a minute and I’ll memorise them in sequence. Quite cool as a party trick eh?

The gem of the class for me though, was when Mr D said something not quite related to the lesson plan, “The surest way to fail, is to think big.”

He went on to talk about people who tried to look like Arnie Schwarzenegger overnight, and ended up in hospital. He was a lot funnier the way he told it, but you get the idea.

It seemed like an epiphany. (No, I’m not a bodybuilding freak, but the same concept does apply in many other aspects of life) Suddenly the sun broke through the clouds and obliterated the shadows – I could see!

But in less positive news, B’s finally gotten what he’s been dreading for a while now, but least it’s closure.

And a warm, fuzzy welcome to wordpress, Oh Astute One!


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