Cropped circles

Like bug-eyed aliens that come silently in the night to create shapes in cornfields, my mind goes round in circles, trawling the millions of synapses, just when i’m not looking.

Round and round it goes, where it stops, nobody knows…

Selfish, selfless.
Wealthy, wealthless.
Happy, helpless

If you truly love someone, you’d want for them to be happy, even if it’s not you that’s standing next to them in the end.


3 thoughts on “Cropped circles”

  1. Hey man, I spent hours telling you not to go round in circles.. all for nought!
    If I’m not the one standing next to the person I “truly love” then I would find that my love was wasted on that person when it could have been put to better use loving someone who was more worthy.

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