Funky stew that’s way overdue

It’s been way too easy to fall into a slow funk and decide that my own pathetic existence is the most pitiful of all. Still, friends have been nice, patient and civil, not stabbing me with their cutlery and all… Muchos gracias amigos!

Think B and me have been simmering in the nasty stew of self-pity for a little too long.  Time to climb out of the pot.

I still worry though, because i think my nasty relationship virus seems somewhat virulent and infectious. B’s probably over the worst, but I see cracks appearing (someone)elsewhere. So if you’re about to start a relationship, or are already in one (that you want to keep!), stay away from yours truly. The (Bad) Karma Police probably have an arrest warrant out for me.

My second epiphany has come – actually it felt like a slap in the face, but whatever works – and now, I truly see the buffoon I’ve been for the past 10 days. *shudder*

Man, … it was Uuuugry! PATHETIC too, naturally. And now, i think i’m CURED. (just like beef jerky) 🙂

To lcl, if you happen to be reading this: I think I’ve not been the most rational
of people in the last couple of weeks, and I do apologise for all my non-sense. Sorry, … really.

We now return to our regular programming…


One thought on “Funky stew that’s way overdue”

  1. Yeaah! Finally… I was wonderin when THE DAY would come! See la, alcohol, some good talking to and wonderful friends and it all works out well.. hahaha… good for you.
    Oh yeah, I’ll send you my bill for work done over the past ten days, in due course….

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