Wild (fowl) weekend

Picked up a noisy (sound system + engine) car for a shoot at East Coast. Thought I lost the key at one point, … blardy keyless ignitions!

Got a real drama message about Steven ‘Yao Guai’ Chua in ICU at Changi General Hospital. Picked up the fresh prince of Joo Chiat and zipped over to hospital, where things were unexpectedly calm. Stayed awhile, saw him hooked up to tubes, said a prayer, and left. Stay strong, Steven.

Then spent some time at SMU, where i met quite some old friends, lijun, 4star, hatta, kristin, alfi, chanranpal, met some new friends of friends, and colleagues from work.

Met W & E at Brix for drinks. It’s a joint crawling with ‘working girls’. My company for the evening dared me to approach one of them, and the evening just became a trailer for a bad B-grade movie after that. Think Harold & Kumar go to Whitecastle, Dude where’s my car, …

Somewhere in the midst of it all, some of us got ‘violated’ (some willingly, some not) in a strange bollywood bar. Alcohol & tears flowed, stories were told, and somehow everyone got home safe.

Sunday brought some sanity with an overdue run, A buying my lunch after her marathon workout, ferry service for the folks, and an asskicking for MrMan at Klassic. 😉

The rest of this week has passed, largely without incident…


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