An idle mind is the devil’s workshop

It’s been a week since I’ve been returned to work full-time . All of last year’s leave is gone at last. Never thought large blocks of idle-ness could be so un-enjoyable.

Feels good to finally be doing something productive at work. It’s been a busy week, and had to pretty much hit the ground running. Schedule’s starting to fill up too. Lainey & Jeff’s wedding rehearsal today, AA event tonight, some pageant thing too if I can make it, go-karting tomorrow morning, W’s ‘Deal or No Deal’ session on monday… Busy busy busy…

Still, no matter how busy, life still feels… empty.


One thought on “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop”

  1. Hey dude, seems like you need something meaningful to do outside of work. Cos if things go wrong at work (which inevitably it will from time to time) then you have something other than work to look forward to.

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