Happy Nude Year

Think I did this last year too.

To all the folks who were nice enough to send (real) cards and spent money on smses, (facebook don’t count cos it’s too damn easy to spam!) i lub you all. Was a bit late this year and my new year greeting got caught in the jam. So if you didn’t receive one from me, chances are it got lost in the traffic.

The following people rawk in my book (or were polite enough to reply/send their own greetings):

Agnes, Alanna, Andy, Angie, Anthony, Az, Ben, Cheryl, Chris, Cindy, Clement, Cyril, Elizabeth, Fiona, Francis, Genecia, Gerry, Irene, Jackson, Jag, Jessie, Joven, Karen Foo, Karen Lin, Kheng, Laichow, Lily, Marcel, Mathew, MayAnn, Melvin, Nian Tjoe, Nicole, Nini, Olive, Sam, Shin Lin, Shing, Wee Teck, Wilma, Yenny,

And to round things off, this particular greeting wasn’t mine, but it kicks some new year ass:

“May the fleas of a thousand camels infest the ass of the person who fcuk up your year and may his arms grow too short to scratch his ass! Happy new year!”


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