A subway moment

Been away from here for the longest time. And I’ll refrain from using the same old excuses.

Once again, I plonk myself in this anonymous Subway outlet that never fails to offer overpriced ‘fresh’ food, plus an abundance in parking and seating. I just discovered it offers wi-fi too – thus this entry.

The perfect venue for dining. For one.

It’s also just happens to be a wonderful spot for pondering your existence, and what you’re meant to do with your life.

(This is continued from the previous post, so no, it’s not deja vu)

Is it A?
Is it B?
Could it even be C?
It can’t possibly be D!

Unlike most multiple choice questions I’ve answered – correctly or wrongly – the consequences for this one are significantly larger.

Some say I shouldn’t even have to choose, because all the options are wrong anyway. But how ‘wrong’ is wrong? Could ‘wrong’ only be wrong simply because it isn’t perfectly right? How much ‘wrong’ can you take? After saying ‘wrong ‘ enough times, wrong even starts to sound right.

But of course, answers do not come. Not with the small meal option anyway.


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