my life in 72 questions

Have never been a fan of personality tests, and thought this would be no different. Well, the results were eye-poppingly accurate. I recommend anyone who’s reading this to try it out. (If the link doesn’t work, try searching for “MyType” on Facebook)

Just an excerpt of my results:

For the ENTP, falling in love occurs when they feel that there is a good fit with the other person. Often within the first meeting, ENTPs will know whether the relationship has any real potential. ENTPs may find it difficult to commit to anyone until the right person comes along. During this period, ENTPs explore the closeness until they can be certain that they have looked at all of the possibilities. Because of this, they are not likely to settle down early. When they do become involved in a relationship, they generally want to maintain as much independence and freedom as their loved one can tolerate. Their mates may need to have high self-esteem and to be independent themselves in order to accept the ENTP need for freedom and novelty.


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