Wo-hen Nankan a.k.a. Tuan Anh

Have you ever seen this dude?

Prince meets Little Richard?
Prince meets Little Richard?

I’ve seen this picture used as other people’s avatars. At first glance, you might think it’s the result of some photoshoppers with too much time on their hands, but no, she he does exist. Some smarta$$ set up a fake site with his pic a long time ago (geocities, no less!). And it turns out he’s a really popular Vietnamese entertainer known as Tuan Anh with a penchant for all things kitsch.

See this uber-retro video

And this Richard Marx cover (here’s the original)

And he has fans!

Speaking of fans, I think he’s not a fan of underwear … if you stick around for the close-up. *urgh*


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