Season parking woes

My love-letter to the HDB. Suddenly they don’t allow credit card payments for season parking too?

I would like to appeal for a waiver of the above notice as I was under the impression that a reminder or notice that the season parking would be expiring soon would be sent to the postal address or email address listed in the season parking application. However, none was received, and I was surprised to receive the notice of parking offence on the morning of 16 July 2009. If it is HDB’s policy not to send reminders by post, could I suggest that HDB make use of the email address collected from the applicant to send reminders to their season parking holders to avoid such incidents happening. However, on another note, I tried to renew my season parking and had my application rejected. Applying for new season parking could also not go through. I have requested for assistance via the feedback form. Appreciate if you could waive this parking offence, and I will put a manual reminder to myself to renew my season parking the next time the expiry date comes around.

lub u deep deep.


2 thoughts on “Season parking woes”

  1. oh and i really like the “new” blog look. Not sure how new it is but i haven’t visited in a while so it’s new to me. Did you steal the bird pic or did u take that? i like it.

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