Why kids should learn programming instead of math

Talked to a colleague last week about why I thought programming would be a good subject for all kids to have some basic knowledge in.

Maybe not everyone needs to go on full-geek and become the next Bill Gates, but knowing how “if-then” works, and the whole thought sequencing process would surely be useful? Helps the mind organise thought, and create logical arguments/processes. Not that I did very much programming myself, but the bits I remember still help me organise my thinking somewhat. On the other hand, I’ve never really understood why I had to study things like calculus and physics, given their non-relevance to everyday life. (Sorry teachers, for all the grief I gave you!)

Of course, someone brilliant has already talked about this at length.

From rockets to stock markets, many of humanity’s most thrilling creations are powered by math. So why do kids lose interest in it? Conrad Wolfram says the part of math we teach — calculation by hand — isn’t just tedious, it’s mostly irrelevant to real mathematics and the real world. He presents his radical idea: teaching kids math through computer programming.


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