New year, new computer

For the longest time, I’ve led a painful dual life.

Not quite in the ilk of Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne, but still, two identities stuck in one package. Rather than being equipped with super powers or kick-a$$ car, I’ve had to do lead my professional life and personal life with one computing package i.e. whatever (usually piece-of-crap) computer I’ve been issued with at work.

At home, I got my folks a bare-bones PC that I grabbed for about $300 (I think) at one of those blue-light specials during one of the IT shows. It really doesn’t cut it when it comes to the stuff I normally do, like editing photos and (once upon a time) playing games.

So finally I bit the bullet and decided to get something with POWERRRR to call my own.

bigass mofo

After some serious research and finding out a friend was in the states who happened to ask the unfortunate “Hey I’m in the states, do you need anything?“. I managed to get her to lug back this 3.4kg monster!! (Thanks DEE!!) Full specs HERE.

The design of the ASUS G73 was apparently inspired by this:

Big & black
The F-117 Stealth Fighter (image links to wikipedia info)

They probably weigh about the same too.

But seriously, if you don’t have to lug this thing around too much or actually think of running this thing off battery for more than half an hour, you’re in pretty good shape.

It’s definitely not the perfect machine (nothing is!), lacking blu-ray, firewire ports, and bluetooth. The silly power cable also plugs in on the right for some reason, competing for space with your mouse-wielding hand, assuming you’re a right-hander like the most of us. Might have been better placed at the back or left side. But the 17.3″ screen, i7 processor, ATI 5870 graphics card, back-lit keyboard, rubbery matte finishing and S$1,600 price tag are pretty darn good redeeming qualities! There is a newer version of the G73 in Singapore, but retails for around $3K+. Not quite within my budget.

Since I got it some time in December, it ran decently at the start. Photoshop ran faster than I’ve ever seen it run. Call of Duty: Black Ops was creamy smooth! But then it started doing something strange, like crashing ever so often with this strange looking screen:

GSOD blues
GSOD a.k.a. the Grey Screen Of Death

This really sucked.

But after some intense internet research, I found a fix that involves flashing your vBIOS in DOS, which is less perverse and complicated than it sounds (for me at least). For whatever reason, this fix is NOT officially supported by ASUS as far as I’ve read, so proceed at your own risk. Everything’s now hunky-dory for me, so fingers crossed it does it for anyone else who’s had the GSOD blues…


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