Feeling sheepish

Read this morning that Shrek died.

No, he's not dead
Not this one.

No, not the jolly green ogre, but a rather unfortunately-named sheep in New Zealand. Still, this sheep had a fascinating back-story.

R.I.P. Mr Mutton
The mother of all afros

This supersheep had apparently evaded capture for six years while living caves. By the time he was captured, he had 27kg worth of wool on him, enough to make 20 large men’s suits. The average merino fleece weighs about 4.5kg. Shrek’s overdue haircut was telecast live on television, and he even met the NZ prime minister shortly after. The castrated celebrity then went on to do charity work, commanding $16,000 appearance fees

“He didn’t really see himself as a sheep. He had an unbelievable personality. He loved children, and he was really good with the elderly.” – Mr John Perriam (Shrek’s owner) from The Independent

Sadly, Shrek was euthanised on advice from a veterinarian this morning. Thankfully, he won’t be served as kambing soup, but cremated, with his ashes scattered on Mt Cook, New Zealand’s tallest peak. His memorial service will be held at the Church of the Good Shepherd (for real!) in Tekapo.


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