Hey I interviewed him!

Just found out that Allan McNish was involved in a horror crash at Le Mans.

Somehow, he managed to walk away from this. (click on image for story from metro.co.uk)

You can see the looks of shock, dread and eventual relief on the faces of the Audi team in the course of this video.

I actually interviewed Allan when he was in Singapore 4 years ago. He’s really passionate about the motor racing and you hear it in his voice, which is why I uploaded the audio. Incidentally, he went on to win the 76th edition of Le Mans the following year (2008).

1) Allan explains the difference between Le Mans and Formula One
2) Allan talks about what else he hopes to achieve

Other soundbites

After getting a clean bill of health following the accident, he made a video to thank everyone for their well wishes and that he’s looking forward to Le Mans in 2012.

He sounds slightly shaken, but he’s got it in him to get back in a car and race.

Allan McNish
(photo: George Achorn)

Better luck next year, Allan! (Visit Allan McNish’s official website)


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