I still haven’t found what I’m looking for (a.k.a. when “Site Search” screws up)

The U2 anthem is perfect when describing many flawed implementations of Site Search. You know the kind where you go to a website (usually with a frantic front page covered in buttons and links) and key in a search term resulting in a gazillion results? Most of them irrelevant, or worse still… ridiculous?

Worked on a project where some stakeholders were asking for “Site Search” functionality on a website. The argument against that was that it wasn’t feasible to put in the function if we couldn’t get it to deliver quality results when matched up against grand-daddy Google. Had a conversation with a Google guy a few weeks back and he also backed up our stance for “No Search” being better than “Bad Search”. Have to give it to the guys at Google for coming up with some hilarious content to explain how Site Search can go so painfully wrong.

You inner geek can’t get enough? See here for more videos on Landing Page Optimisation and Online Checkout.

And to cap it all off, why not sing along to Bono and the boys if horrid Site Searches aren’t turning up what you’re searching for?


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