Bluetooth your old speakers

These days, there are so many cool-looking, portable but mediocre-sounding bluetooth speakers out there that allow you to play your MP3s or Spotify playlist.

But what if you have a decent – kickass home theatre system that’s sitting idle?

While shopping at geek paradise a.k.a. Sim Lim Square, I overheard a customer asking about a particular product that allowed for conventional sound systems like your home entertainment systems to be bluetoothed.

Got me thinking for awhile because the Samsung home theatre system has been lying idle for a long time, and I’ve always wondered how I could stream my Spotify collection of music to it.

Picked up a set and here’s how it went.


Price: $59 from cybermind (I think!)

The box:

you only need that little black thing in the window and some wires.
Product packaging takes up so much space…



simple, no nonsense black
From top left: AC adaptor, the bluetooth receiver, instruction manual, 3.5 inch to 3.5 inch cable, 3.5 inch to 2 RCA (red/white) cable

How it connects: The Belkin has a 3.5 inch jack input, so both cables provided have a 3.5 inch plug on one end (connect this to the belkin receiver), and either RCA jacks or another 3.5 inch jack on the other (connects to the speaker/amplifier). Any decent home theatre system will come with RCA outputs – 1 hole outlined in red, another in white – probably called “Auxiliary” or AUX for short. If you’re wiring a smaller set of speakers (e.g. PC speakers), you’re likely going to use the cable with 3.5 inch plugs on both ends.


Verdict: I’ve been using this sporadically over the last few months. Sound quality is decent enough. I suspect it’s slightly worse less pure than what I hear when I play a HD file or CD, but given the fact that the sound is pushed through an amplifier and out 2 fairly large speakers, it kicks the butt of any portable speaker. Also a factor is what quality of music your music downloads are. I stream and store my spotify files at the highest quality possible.

One issue I’ve had is when I’m downloading stuff while simultaneously bluetoothing my music, I get terrible stuttering. I didn’t think that data being downloaded via wifi and using a bluetooth connection would compete for resources on the phone, but it does. Will try using my samsung tablet with the Internet disconnected to Bluetooth the tunes and see how stable that is.



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