DNG #1: Coaching vs Kit

And here’s the first of my targeted 50 posts before Danang. Will include “DNG #” in the titles to help me track …

To complete a half ironman distance comfortably, you need to clock a good number of miles and develop good technique. Unfortunately I don’t have the willpower to grind out the miles on my own, and YouTube can’t tell you what you’re doing wrong, hence the benefits of bring part of a team with a coach.

everybody hurts
Keep on keeping on…

In my time picking up various sports like sailing, bowling, pool and now triathlon (yes, I’ve been quite fickle), I’ve found that I clock the most measurable progress under the tutelage of someone who knows their sh!t. No point putting in hours of practice doing it wrong. Practice doesn’t necessarily make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. If you keep repeating incorrect technique over and over again, muscle memory is going to make it a lot tougher to unlearn those habits. Funny how I keep seeing folks spending big bucks on their equipment, but nothing on learning how best to use it. As I recently learnt, the technical term for such gearheads is AGNIs – All Gear, No Idea.

That's me, the spazzo with the thumbs-up
Team TriEdge at the 2015 Metasprint Aquathon. Coach Mike on his post-op crutch (a.k.a. big stick)

If you’re keen to come by and give it a go at one of our training sessions – swim, bike, or run – drop me a line and I’ll hook you up with a no obligation trial session with the TriEdge bunch. No hardsell. And contrary to the belief of one of my team mates’ concerned mother, we are not a cult. 😉


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