DNG #4: Training with the wind

Tuesdays are wind trainer days. What’s a wind trainer, you ask? It’s basically a device that converts your regular bicycle into a stationary bike.

Tonight's workout. Sorry for the pic quality!
Tonight’s session

Why do this? Because this allows you to keep working at whatever rate you need to be doing without needing to worry about traffic conditions, with everybody in the same place regardless of how their usual pace, plus it’s easier to focus on getting the technique right.

Mana Mana!
Not a bad view, but we don’t usually do our Wind Trainer session in the day!

Down side is things can get hot and monotonous because you’re not moving. The air can be quite still, and it feels hot and muggy. Good thing is we’re located at Mana Mana, which is right on the waterfront. Also, Coach Mike doubles up as DJ Mike, which usually means a rock-skewed soundtrack for our workout. We can send song requests via spotify, and I wonder if I should try sneaking in some techno.

Typically, we go through a range of exercises at different intensities for about 1hr 15 min, which drains you quicker than long rides on the road because you can sprint as hard and as long as you want and never run out of road. Once we’re done cycling, we swop shoes to go for a “brick” run, which is all about getting into running mode straight after getting off the bike.  And that’s Tuesday for you.


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