DNG#6: Faber Thursdays

If there’s one thing harder than the Wednesday workouts, it’s trying to get up on Thursday morning to conquer Mount Faber on the bike. After all that kicking and running the previous day, my body doesn’t really want to subject itself to another round of smashing. The team assembles at 6.00am at MG, rides to the mountain, does X laps around it, and makes it back in time for work/breakfast. I can barely wake up early enough to drive there to do my laps.

On days I actually do make it to the hill in the morning, this is what it looks like.

Round and round I go…

There’s another route that’s even steeper, but think it’s more dangerous, so I’ll be sticking to this for now. It’s already tough enough given most of the time we’re climbing in the big gear, as opposed to the easier gear where you can spin up the pedals a lot more easily. Today, I missed 8 lovely loops on the mountain. Feeling guilty already. 😦

Like Coach Mike likes to say, time to take some concrete pills. First time I heard that, I actually tried to buy them off iHerb. 🙂


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