DNG #8: Southern Ridges

One thing about doing long runs/rides/swims is the monotony of it all. It’s even worse if you do the same route over and over again.

Autumn in the parking lot?

This week, I swopped my weekly run route from Macritchie to the Southern Ridges. I’m sure I’ll talk about the virtues of Macritchie soon enough, but the Southern Ridges route is definitely more scenic.

What the route looks like on a map

It’s quite amazing to run this route as a driver, when you can’t wrap your head around how direct the route actually is. Driving from telok blangah to clementi feels a lot further than running.

One of several high vantage points on the route

The view helps distract you from the huffing and puffing, as you can see from the pics in this post.

Elevated walkways

It’s not all fun and games though. There are quite a few slopes and steps along the way.

Hortpark to Clementi

Nothing like inclines to get make you stronger though! (though it hurts like hell)

Want to take a shortcut? Here are some more stairs...

To make things more interesting, there are also a good number of trekkers/tourists along the way. Usually they’ll clear a path when they hear you coming. Doesn’t hurt to yell out a “thank you”!

Educational tour in progress

Total distance 2 ways is about 11+km dependong on where you start and end exactly. Clocked about 300m elevation gain.

Don't look down

And did I mention how pretty the route is?

With this entry, I’m already one post behind my original schedule. Looks like I’ll have to pull a double to make up soon. :p


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