DNG #9: I want to ride my bicycle

One of the myths surrounding triathlon is that it’s an expensive sport. The sad thing is it’s not really a myth. 😦

The biggest component to the whole cost is as most people would think… the bicycle. They would be right.

Swimming gear, running shoes, sunglasses are a drop in the ocean compared to what you might pay for a bike. And don’t even get me started on the accessories.


I’ve had my bike for just over a year now. It’s an Orbea Bronze with an Shimano Ultegra 10-speed groupset. To the uninitiated, this means it’s a decent road bike, but quite distance some way to go from the stratospheric heights of bike technology. That also means I didn’t pay too much for it but still, it’s almost $4k. Fortunately I managed to split into payments (interest-free!) over 12 months, thanks to OCBC’s financing scheme available at some bike shops.


The bike has a carbon fibre frame, which means its relatively light, which makes for easier traversing across long distances. It’s also got a life-time warranty, which I’m curious as to how much of a hassle getting the warranty fulfilled might be. I purchased my bike at Soon Watt, located in the Frankel area, just walking distance from Kembangan MRT station. It was probably the 5th or 6th bike shop I’d gone to over a few weekends, but I met probably the most patient and least salesman of the lot. If you’re looking for a bike, check out Soon Watt and ask for Mave.



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