DNG #12: Good Friday… for training

Public holidays are good insofar as you don’t need to wake up early to go to work. So you can go train.

As was the case this morning when we did a nice morning run at 7am at East Coast Park, preceded by running drills (quick feet, knee-ups, butt-kicks, bounding, sprints … ). Of the three disciplines (swim, bike, run), my run has the most room to improve technique-wise. Drills like the ones in the video below definitely help.

After that, we had a nice open water swim. Was really looking forward to that to test my latest piece of kit. And I’m really, really happy with it. Best investment I’ve made in triathlon this year. More on that in another post!

can't keep my mouth shut either
I’m really not a morning person, as you can see from the protest my hair is making.

The other great part about public holiday? Time for naps. Zzzzz….

Recovery nap!

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