DNG #14: Feeding time

When you’re spending so much time burning calories, your body really craves food. You get frikkin’ hungry. Whoever coined the phrase about eating a horse had probably just done a triathlon.

My kryptonite: 4fingers fried chicken

The tough part is finding the right stuff to refuel with. By “right”, I mean food that doesn’t replace whatever you’ve burnt. And then some.

Something I devoured after a run and sea swim

After each training session, I try to stick by  coach’s instructions on taking whey protein before the real eating begins. It helps because the mix fills you up quite a bit and you don’t end up stuffing your face too much.

Some of the selection at the Salad Shop in Golden Shoe Carpark

A lot more options have come up near the office in recent times, thanks to the fitness wave that seems to have swept up the central business district. One of my favourite (new) joints is Project Paleo that sells “Paleo” (a.k.a. Caveman) food.


Not sure if cavemen were so savvy with a skillet, but it tastes good enough and the produce feels fresh. Bit pricey though with prices starting at $8.

Paleo-style Salmon

Lunches aren’t the problem. The tricky part is  finding healthy stuff to eat for dinner, when most of these healthier places have closed for the day. That’s when I fight my dinner demons…

Top left: Chicken in "hua diao" wine. Bottom: Pig innard soup.

Many times, I’ve found myself going back to Cheng Mun Kee along Jalan Besar for its signature Pig Organ Soup and a side of chicken cooked in chinese wine. If it’s after a particularly tough session, or the night before a tough session, I’ll have the bowl of rice. The sodium content may probably be unhealthy though. Still, I figure it’s less damaging than all the other carb-heavy dishes so dominant in Asian cuisine.

Left to right: Cream

Today was a bread day though. And I blame Bintan.


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