DNG #15: Putrajaya 70.3

Some of the team went up to KL for Sunday’s Putrajaya Ironman 70.3 race. It’s a notoriously hot course, and there have been complaints about the way the race is run, but still everyone  grits their teeth and gets on with it.

most photographed TriEdge athlete!
Nic still manages model running form in soaring temperatures

Despite the heat, some of the team clocked their personal best, like Nicolas above. David Watson (below) finishes 4th in his age group!

David Watson looking calm and collected after the swim


That’s really how diverse the group is. There are “real” athletes like David and Kath (below) who are challenging for podium spots. And then there are newbies like me, trying to do their first half ironman. It’s nice that everyone’s friendly and there are no divas to have to deal with.

even the trees look like they're wilting
Team pro, Kath Haesner pushing through the pain

Endurance races can be tough and lonely sometimes… Especially When you’re out in front. 😉 I suspect I’ll have more company from the back markers though.

looks like he knows where the camera is too!
Patrick looking good on the bike leg as always.

My team mates are a photogenic bunch. Strange how all my photos make me look like a hyperventilating walrus.

no pain.. no gain?
Check out the skinned knee and shoulder on Kenn!

There were spills along the way too. Kenn took a tumble on the bike, but still managed to get back on and finish the race. And he’s still smiling for the cameras.


Biggest props in my view, however, go out to Saleh. Kept soldiering on despite a nasty spill on the bike a few weeks back and squeezing in a wedding along the way. I would have melted into a puddle of goo. He kept on going and finished it in 8hrs. #respect


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