DNG #16: Mount Faber morning

Miraculously woke up this yesterday morning at 5.45am and took that as a sign that I should get my ass onto Mount Faber. So off I went.

Up, up and away...
Usually panting by the time I get to this section

It’s been awhile since I managed to get up there before work. But knowing how much work I need to do on the bike, it’s something that I need. Like coach Scott says, “Just get it done.”

what goes up, must come down
Just round the bend is the highest point on the road before the descent begins.

Saw only Vargin and Kath though. Suspect everyone is doing their secret training some place else. I hear Athlete Lab is getting quite popular with their indoor cycling classes. I figure Faber is jolly good enough for me already… 5 laps and it was time to scoot off to work, and I was panting. Note to self: Wear gloves so sweaty hands don’t find it so slippery on the brakes, especially on the descent!

HDR on the S5
The skyline as seen from Mount Faber

If there’s a redeeming quality about this mountain, it’s the view. Not much time to stop and stare though. Till next week, Faber.


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