DNG #17: Saturday Macritchie Runs

One of the things that was new to me when I joined the team was cross country running. Before Tri Edge, my idea of training for runs was pounding the pavement for longer and longer distances.

The squad runs together at the start, then breaks up into smaller groups depending on your workout for the day

My knees hated me for it. Although they still hate me now, they do it less often, and with less venom than when I was abusing them with minimalist shoes (remember vibrams?), no less.

The view this morning

These days, it’s trail running shoes (though sometimes I experiment with “minimalist” trail shoes too, but more on that another time) and it’s around the Macritchie Reservoir trails.

This morning's route

Coach Mike says a kilometre around Macritchie is worth double that on the pavement. I was initially skeptical, but now I’m a believer. It’s the mix of uphill and descents on an irregular surface than constantly forces your body to adapt that makes every run so effective.

It's important to come early to get clear enough trails to run. Bigger groups and slower walkers tend to stream in from 8am onward.

The other plus side is that the trails can look really pretty in the morning. The natural canopy also provides welcome shade as you tear through the trail. You’ll still get a good sweat going, but it feels much cooler than being out there on East Coast Park, for example.

The morning sun filtering through

The squad runs every saturday morning at 7am, and we meet at the taxi drop off point. Come join us for a free trial session. Trail is always free. 😉


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