DNG #19: Sh!t days

There are days when you jump in the pool, and you feel like Michael Phelps. Ok, maybe the left pinky of Michael Phelps. But you know… You feel like you’re gliding through the water, breathing easily.


Then there are nights like last night, where I felt like I was hyperventilating half the time. Haven’t huffed and puffed like that in…  awhile. Could barely sprint 50 metres, and didn’t feel the power in the strokes. Body position was rubbish. Kick was non-existent. The air felt like it was thinner, same like it felt when I was running a lung infection many moons ago.


Not sure what it was (wonky ventilation?), but apparently some others were puffing a bit harder than usual too. Think I managed to shake it off at Wednesday’s swim… Hope it doesn’t come back anytime soon. With that, here’s Taylor.


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