DNG #22: Taking stock

When I did my first triathlon back in September last year, I thought I’d be happy just completing it. And I was. But what I was even happier with, was that I finished in the top half.

Newbie alert!

Fast forward to today, and I’m wondering what targets I should set for myself for the upcoming Danang race. If you asked me back in September whether I should even be attempting a half-ironman, I’d probably be extremely doubtful. Now, I’m thinking of what times I should target.

Recently though, I seem to be struggling at times in the pool. And my cycling seems to be stuck in a rut. The run, my biggest weakness when I started, is now where I’ve shown the most improvement. It’s all quite depressing and thrilling.

15% less newbie?

Coach Scott reminded me of the 15% improvement I’ve clocked over the sprint distance, and how it’d translate if it were in any other part of your life. Imagine 15% more sleep, 15% more time, 15% more pay! That is substantial.

And most importantly, I need to remind myself  to enjoy the ride. I’m not gunning for a podium spot, and I don’t have sponsors to please. It’s time to enjoy how far I’ve come in 7 months. To do that, here’s to the Raj man who showed me how to finish a triathlon in style.

The Raj breaks out the dance moves before crossing the finish

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