DNG #25: Project Love Sneaker V

Thought I’d better rush this post out before it’s too late. Came across this cool window display at Velocity some days back. In case you can’t read the fine print, it says that as part of Project Love Sneaker V, you can donate your old (but usable!) sneakers to the less fortunate, and score a $50 Running Lab voucher in exchange. Pretty cool deal if you ask me.

cool and functional window display!

Great excuse for me to clear out the (full) shoe cabinet  for shoes too good to give away, but not in the regular running arsenal. Here were the 2 “victims” today:

Asics GT2150 and Nike … something

After some inspection from the guy at the store, he did up the laces and off into the pile they went…

May you go on to (stylishly) support someone else’s feet!

So, if you’ve got old running shoes around that you haven’t got the heart to get rid of because they’re “still good”, set them free and let them do some real good. Offer ends 30 Apr 2015. Vouchers expire 31 May 2015.


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