DNG #30: Bike basics

One of the benefits of being part of the TriEdge team is the privilege to attend an unlimited number of training sessions and workshops. Some take place less often than others, like the Bike Handling session last sunday.


It’s nice to see folks who genuinely want to learn how to improve their skills with the bike, as opposed to just buying their way to becoming faster. E.g. Paying hundreds to thousands for a few grams of weight saved.

Duncan is our team's version of Vin Diesel

The group had some familiar faces (Priyankar, Mark, Duncan…) from the team, and new faces from the Trifactor bike race who had signed up for the session.

Mark demonstrating how you can safely transport safety cones with no hands

Funny how I was doing this for the first time just over 6 months ago, and a second time slightly more recently. And I still kind of suck.

Carpark H is a nice scenic spot for cycling workshops

Daredevil of the day award goes to Kenn, whose left hand is apparently stronger than his right. This is dangerous when cycling, because the left hand controls the front brake. End result?

Best caption wins... a blog post. :p

Good for the man he recovered and didn’t somersault over the top!


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