Pre-Christmas at the SPCA

We had a Christmas charity “auction” in the office a week before Christmas proper, just after everyone pigged out on the pretty impressive spread. All proceeds from the bids would go to charity, so everyone was “encouraged” to be generous with their bids.

The action was slow at the start, and it took awhile before the items got interesting and everyone opened up to the idea of bidding. I managed to get this pet food package consisting of a large packet of Whiskas dry food (for cats) and 2 packs of Caesars dog food (can’t remember the brand, but quite attas one), and a bonus:

furry stuffed doggy silhouette

All for $10! (The auctioneer automatically doubles your bid if she thinks you’re under-paying, so my original bid was $5. :p)

Anyway, I decided against feeding the Whiskas cat food to my cat, cos she’s already on Science Diet (which is supposed to be healthy). Coupled with the fact that dog food’s totally useless to me, I decided to make a trip down to the SPCA to give them a little help.

It’s been years since I last visited, I think, and it’s a little brighter (with the painted murals) and larger (more “rooms” for potential adoptees). It still smells like “wet sweaty dogs” though. yucky.

Visited the adult cats who have this enclosure of their own, which you can walk in and enjoy. Turns out they really love my laptop bag. Maybe they know there’s a mouse in there. nyuk nyuk nyuk.

Nosey as a customs officer

Curious cats

Twice, this big cat pushed the bag off the seat. Bugger even left souvenir teethmarks on the bag.

sticky chewy bagstrap

Was lucky enough to see one of the residents being brought home. And boy, was he/she happy!

The entire kennel erupted in raucous barking as the dog was led out of the cage. I don’t speak dog, but I would like to think they’re all really happy and wishing their lucky friend well.

Time to slip in a public service announcement: Don’t buy. ADOPT!

There are sooo many pets that end up abandoned. The lucky ones get to the SPCA. The luckier ones don’t get put to sleep and are put up for adoption. The luckiest ones get a new home and a second chance at life.

So many of these animals are real gems that deserve a great home. Instead of paying all that good money for a “new” pet, save one of these darlings.




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The Day the Internet Died… and came back to life.

The internet’s been sputtering along since some time this morning, thanks to an earthquake in Taiwan. It now appears to have been resurrected though. Have been whacking a couple of US sites and things look like they’re back to normal.

Was looking forward to receiving a message today, which never did arrive. Whether it’s because of the broken internet, or disinterest of the other, guess I’ll never know.

Que sera, sera….

Sometimes I forget. Not everyone gives a @#$% about the internet.

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I’m blogging this entry from outside my house. Silly me left the keys in the office. argh! Everyone else is at some anniversary dinner thing. Thank goodness for wireless, though I imagine I must look like that kid who got caught for mooching his neighbour’s wireless network. 88% 84% 69% juice left in the laptop…

The cat is probably all warm and comfy inside. grrr….

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Christmas @ Li Hwan Place

Peter Jayan, my understudy (the poor guy that took over the crap I was handling) during NS was back in town, after moving to Perth with his wife. It’s become more or less a tradition that me and Nazif (another guy from the good ol’ NS times & coincidentally Peter’s cousin) visit Li Hwan place for Christmas makan.

The gorgeous Peter Jayan

It’s an interesting tale how Peter and Nazif found out they were cousins. 100 to 1 you wouldn’t have been able to guess either, simply because Peter’s indian, and Nazif’s malay. Legend has it that during some random Hari Raya visit years ago, Nazif mentioned he was in 1 SAF TPT BN, and an uncle who was present mentioned the existence of this nephew “Jayan” who was in the same camp. Nazif confronted Peter when he returned to camp, and thus the cousins realised they were cousins. :p

Back to present day: But before I went over to Peter’s I thought I’d drop by Holy Family Church to visit Grandma.

While walking over from Parkway Parade, the scenery along Sea Avenue kinda struck me.

I used to enjoy taking the Sea Avenue route instead of Chapel Close to get to Parkway Parade from Katong. Maybe it’s the name, maybe it’s the laid back feel of the buildings, it just feels different from the rather narrow, claustrophobic feel of Chapel Close.

To my slight dismay, here are some of the new additions to Sea Avenue:


Modern, yes. But doesn’t feel quite like this classic:

Are all the old buildings going to be eaten up by en-bloc sales, glass, aluminium and concrete? Then I spotted this:

Right smack in between two large, new residential projects. Talk about character!

So I keep walking, and finally reach Holy Fam.

Another very modern-looking (read: cold) exterior… and some ‘interesting’ Nativity scenes.

click for bigger pic

The 3 kings look kinda unkempt and scruffy, almost thug-like. Joseph and Mary on the other hand, are immaculate. Then there was this other character:

click for bigger pic

Quite scary-looking leh! Looks as if he/she’s about to grab baby Jesus!

When I finally got to the columbarium (where they keep the ashes of the deceased), turns out Christmas is a public holiday, and hence, it’s CLOSED. urrgghhh!!

Holy Family Columbarium
Visiting Hours:
Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays & Sundays
9.30am to 6.00pm
CLOSED on Public Holidays

I don’t understand why opening up the columbarium is such a big deal. Holy Trinity’s columbarium is open every day. It’s been ages since I visited Mama. 😦

Wasted trip. Time to head off to Li Hwan Place. First two cabbies had no idea where Li Hwan place was. Cab no. 3 had some inkling, so off I went.

So impressed how they keep putting up the Christmas tree year after year. My family’s given up for some time now. :p

More Jayan pride:

Peter with his Nissan Skyline, which only cost $15k!!

Had a good time catching up with Peter, finding out the pros and cons of moving down under, and bitching about people we detested during NS. Nazif was fashionably late, by at least 1 hour, no less! Brought along his cute wife, and cuter baby girl!

Nazif’s actually slightly older than me, and so is Peter. Seeing him as a family man is real nice, but ever-so-slightly disturbing for me. No prizes for guessing why.


We left as the sky threatened to start pouring again. Naz, Peter, & Peter’s friend had a final fag session at the bus stop, and I managed to snap this one.

So sweet right?

Take care guys! See ya next year!

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Christmas morning

Ok, so it’s afternoon already. But who’s counting?

Anyway, started sending my Christmas SMS greetings just after midnight, and apparently this year, the SMS servers held up! No delays, overnight deliveries, … Good job telcos! Here are the nice people who replied back, despite my slightly late sms and typos. :p

To those who replied, and sent their own greetings, thanks! Angie, Dave, Denyse, Elsie, Euan, Evelyn, Grace (Jansen), Grace (Lee), Greg, Ivan, Jaz, Julie, Justin, Karen, Kenny, Kristin, Lily, Lishan, May-Ann, Munwei, Nicole, Nini, Shin Lin, Ted, Tiffany, Tracy, Victor, Wilma, Yenny, & Yunhuei… you all have a good one!

Also, thank you GUINNESS for your magnificent transport back at 4am in the morning!

I’m late for church!!

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Shh… It’s Christmas

It’s that time of the year again“… how many times have you heard that blardy cliche?

Well, it is indeed, that time of the year again, whether you like it or not. If you’re with a loved one, it’s fine and dandy, but if you’re not, then the loneliness seems to get amplified a thousand times. I remember hearing this thing about more people dying around Christmas time. Suicide or not, I can’t remember, but they probably die from the cold. Not necessarily from freezing temperatures, but from the lonely cold, deep inside.

It’s been a couple of lonely Christmas-es (not sure what the spelling is, and neither does this guy), and I don’t think this year’s will be any different. 1 hour and 50 minutes to go… Ah, don’t forget the New Year’s just around the corner too. Another bullcrap day to get pissed-drunk on.

Anyway, got this shiny package in the mail…

Turns out it’s from the filthy rich people at TCC who send the coolest Christmas cards each year. Silly me forgot to take pictures of the cards inside. But trust me, they look “not cheap”.

And when no one gets you gifts for Christmas (those silly things you get at office gift exchanges don’t count), you should go out and get something you think you deserve. Here’s what I got:

Not the cat la. It’s the “dry cabinet”, to keep out moisture and fungus from my new D40 DSLR. For the non-camera people, it’s just a fancy camera that allows you to switch lenses. Entry level stuff, but still weighed in at just over $1k. ouch. Camera’s already seen action in Bintan, Zouk Out, and a funeral, so I thought it better get a decent box to sleep in at night before mushrooms start growing on it. The dry cabinet was a relatively smaller investment at $99, and comes with a digital meter that displays the relative humidity & temperature in there. Cameras are supposed to be kept at 45 – 55% humidity, so mojave desert dryness might be overkill. Miss Kaypoh is checking out my latest purchase as usual.

Anyway, from the cat and me:

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