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DNG #29: Going Lokal

One of my favourite places to refuel after training is The Lokal, at 136 Neil Road.

I may be biased, because I know the chef. But surely a full house on a soggy Saturday can’t be wrong?

Join the waiting list!

Truth is, Chef Darren Farr is a rather picky man. Especially when it comes to what he serves his customers. Most of the stuff he serves up is fresh. No cans, no preservatives.

The salads here are very, very good.

Really like the salads here because of how fresh they taste. Perfect blend of crunch and zest, without straying into sour territory. Whey dressing really enhances the flavours too.

Menu gets updated often!

My recommendations are the Roast Pumpkin Salad, Sunday Roast (available on
.. Sunday) and leave room for the sticky date pudding at the end.

Couldn’t decide what to get today, so let the chef surprise me. Here’s the end result…

Black Pearl BLT

Protein from the specially-added beef (thanks chef!) and fried egg, fresh lettuce and tomato for that kick, and a light bun that doesn’t have you feeling sluggish after. (don’t tell coach I sneaked in a sauv blanc!) Perfect for race week.

Me trying to look as nonchalant as the main man.

When he’s out of that chef suit, Darren’s quite the doppelganger for Daniel Craig. Hence, he’s got quite a following. (Follow him on instagram at @fuzzychef) You’ll see instagrammers and hipster Polaroiders doing their foodpornography. And then sneaking in a photo with the chef. Most of them young, impressionable girls. 😉

Hipster or what??

Met one of his fans, Jessica, who I could tell was quite the fan. Check out her hipster camera…

Camera with a built-in vintage filter :p

Now, time for a nap.